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The Universe Screensaver Collection consists of a series of screensaver files (currently supporting Windows® 98, 2K and XP only) featuring images taken from The Universe DVD. Each screensaver contains all the best objects visited in a different chapter of the DVD, and often a few more.

These screensavers are all downloadable, so you can get them and install them on your computer in minutes, without the time or costs of shipping.

The series is still in progress and we plan eventually to cover the entire DVD. The Sun screensaver will feature a set of the most spectacular moments from the DVD's Sun chapter, and we're working on one that will highlight new pictures captured since The Universe was released, including some wonderful images from the ACS (Advanced Camera for Surveys) and of Mars in its recent close approach to earth.

We're also working with artists, photographers and others to develop a full and fascinating set of screensavers and wallpapers for fans of The Universe.

Feel free to browse and check out what we have so far. If you find a screensaver you want, just click the Order button and fill out the Order page. You'll be able to download your screensaver as soon as your credit card is approved.

The Universe:
Local Galaxies
See the Local Group of galaxies from Hubble's perspective. Amazing scenes from the Large and Small Magellanic clouds out to Andromeda.
The Universe:
Near Galaxies
This magnificent screensaver presents an array of galaxies ranging from just beyond the Local Group out to 100 million light-years away.
Only $7.95
Only $7.95
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